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ABOUT Hooprecruits services


Answering the call for credibility and expertise in the world of college-bound athletes, HoopRecruits Services (HRS) was founded to provide consultation for athletes and their families. The recruitment process is complicated - HRS provides valuable guidance and exclusive resources to match the dreams and aspirations of every athlete.


I help athletes gain admittance and U.S. scholarships to participate in basketball at the collegiate level. You can count on my professionalism to effectively highlight and promote your athletic skills and academic achievements.




The likelihood of a youth athlete being recruited as a basketball player depends on how they fit a school's needs and what they can offer. HRS' no-nonsense approach puts you, the client, first to deliver results in developing the connections you'll need to maximize your options. As you plan your future, now is the time to ask questions, get answers and make informed decisions. With over 18 years of experience and hundreds successful placements, I proudly uphold a reputation of excellence. I am well versed in the nuances of this field and passionate about delivering real-world results.



"HoopRecruits Services is a service that I have grown to find to be very valuable and informative. I rely on it to help me monitor talent in Canada."


Nike, inc.

Director of International Basketball

Those who know, know. Here's what people are saying about HoopRecruits Services

"Coach Scarlett is a man of his word. I asked for help to get into prep schools and by the next day I had over 5 high level schools who wanted me to attend. One of them was Oak Hill Academy. Since then he has guided me through high school, kept in touch with me and has always given me positive vibes. He is genuine and wants kids to succeed in whatever they do.”

"I've been at Oak Hill Academy for over thirty years and nobody does a better job with their student-athletes in regard to prep school placement than HoopRecruits Services and Kevin Scarlett. Nobody!"

Oakhill Academy

head coach

Josh Hemmings,
Oakhill Academy STUDENT-athlete

Arkel Bruce - Huntington Prep, Head Coach:

"Kevin Scarlett is someone I deeply rely on when it comes to recruiting kids in Canada. He's very knowledgeable and has a great deal of passion for the game. He's recruited and developed some of the top talent you see at all levels of basketball."

Richard Gatewood - 22 Feet Academy, Head Coach:

"Kevin does a phenomenal job at not only evaluating talent, but putting kids in the right environment to succeed on and off the court."

Luke Barnwell - Sunrise Christian Academy, Head Coach:

"Kevin has done a tremendous job in recognizing talent in his area and matching the talent with an opportunity for the kids at places like Sunrise Christian Academy. I look forward to continuing a relationship with Kevin and future prospects!"

Dane Quest - Aspire Basketball Academy, Athlete:
Coach Kevin Scarlett and his HoopRecruits Services helped me tremendously in my basketball journey. He has provided great insight on the basketball world and opportunites for development and exposure. He has directed me in the right path as well as many other players. His experience and success speaks volumes, and in my opinion, seperates him from others.

Jeremy Kipness - Co-Founder, Director of Basketball Operations & Head Coach of Aspire Basketball Academy:
What makes HoopRecruits and Kevin Scarlett so special is their ability to not only evaluate top-talent and place them in some of the best prep programs throughout North America, BUT their ability to look at the bigger picture, and find the programs that best fit their student-athletes as a whole, in the classroom, on the court, and in the community. In a business where your integrity can often times be compromised for the greater good of the individual and not the student-athlete, Kevin Scarlett runs HoopRecruits the right way, and is someone I would put my trust in to find the best situation possible for my kid!

Billy McKnight - Prolific Prep Head Coach
"Kevin does a great job of knowing what level kids can play for prep school and what they project out to be at the collegiate level."



recruitment CONSULtant - rates & offerings

Ready to get started, wondering what's next? HoopRecruits Services puts 18+ years of real-world player/coach experience on your side, with access to a valued network of relevant contacts to support your aspirations, with care. You'll receive expert advice and guidance throughout the recruitment process. HoopRecruits Services is actively involved in the basketball community and knowledgeable about the trends and regulations that relate to your athletic opportunities. Get in touch to schedule your FREE initial consultation (15 mins) and establish next steps.


HoopRecruits Services meets directly with athletes and parents/guardians (in person, by phone or online) to get to know them and to discuss their specific goals. 

As a HoopRecruits Services client, your athletic and academic history will be carefully reviewed to create a plan tailored to your needs.



Contact for pricing (minimum 2 month commitment), includes:

  • Scheduled 1 on 1 coaching sessions (4 sessions; 30 mins per session)

  • Between session development homework with evaluations

  • Email, text and phone support

  • Comprehensive assessments and debriefing



Contact for pricing, service includes:

  • Prep school vetting and personalized recommendations report

  • Planning and negotiations on player's behalf re: tuition, housing and academic requirements

  • Professional video edits suitable for use in prep school submissions (raw footage required)

To get started, please be sure to complete the Basketball Recruit Questionnaire and have ready the following:

  • Copy of birth certificate and passport

  • Raw video footage of at least one full game



Contact for pricing, service includes: 

  • Personal introductions and access to HoopRecruits Services' professional network*

  • College vetting and personalized recommendations report

  • Planning and negotiations on player's behalf re: tuition, housing, academic requirements and NCAA qualifications

  • Professional video edits suitable for use in prep school submissions (raw footage required)

To get started, please be sure to complete the Basketball Recruit Questionnaire and have ready the following:

  • Copy of birth certificate and passport

  • Raw video footage of at least one full game

Do you require immediate, short term or ongoing support? Don't take chances or waste precious time. 



$75 CAD per session (1 hr) - Individual Session

$350 CAD ($70  per session) - 5 Session Package

$650 CAD ($65  per session) - 10 Session Package


*You have options - please choose carefully. Beware of false claims by others who make promises regarding U.S. scholarships to participate in basketball at the prep school and collegiate level. Look for proof of performance and sustainability.


This is a field in which experience, connections and trust matter - this cannot be overstated. HoopRecruits Services proudly upholds a reputation of matching talent with top placement opportunities by way of long-standing professional relationships fostered over many years. HoopRecruits Services' clients rely on results and ongoing commitment in planning their academic/athletic careers.



My time-honoured, national reputation for representing young basketball players is based on trust, professionalism and expert preparation. I understand the special requirements of athletes and the challenges they face in this competitive business, and work diligently with each and every athlete to prepare them for success through next steps.


Oakhill Academy (Mouth of Wilson,VA)
Prolific Prep Academy (Napa, CA)
Aspire Basketball Academy (Scottsdale, AZ)
Montverde Academy (Montverde, FL)
Hamilton Heights (Chattanooga, TN)
Victory Rock Prep (Bradenton, FL)
Sunrise Christian Academy (Witchita, KS)
Huntington Prep (Huntington, WV)
The Rock (Gainesville, FL)
Potters House Christian Academy (Jacksonville FL)

Creating Young Minds Academy (Irving, TX)

Long Island Lutheran (Brookville, NY)
The Conrad Academy (Orlando, FL)
Brewster Academy (Wolfeboro, NH)
Lake Forest Academy (Lake Forest, IL)
Jersey Coast Academy (New Jersey, NY)
International Sports Academy (Naples, FL)
IMG Academy (Bradenton, FL)
Vermont Academy (Saxtons River, VT)
St Louis Christian Academy (St Louis, MO)
Hillcrest Prep (Phoenix, AZ)
Tennessee Prep (Memphis, TN)



HoopRecruits Services is here to help you become more marketable to U.S. College athletic coaches with the hopes of being formally recruited and offered a roster spot on their team. HRS' contacts, college experience, recruiting knowledge and financial aid background provides you with a complete understanding of this complex process. This expertise will give you the tools to negotiate with coaches and hopefully become recruited by your school of choice. My aim is to help you make the best decisions for you and your family. Upon enrollment with HoopRecruits Services, you'll be provided with assistance and guidance throughout the recruiting process. Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Members only access to special content on the HoopRecruits Services website

  • Assessment of your athletic and academic accomplishments

  • Guidance in creating an optimal athletic/academic resume for college coaches to evaluate

  • Overview of the college application and recruiting process

  • Review of your college interests

  • Strategies of communication with college coaches and admissions personnel

  • Guidance through the video making process and inform you about what college coaches want to see

  • Overview of the Financial Aid process and  Student Visas for international athletes

  • Recommendations for off-season preparation



Many talented athletes go undiscovered every year - the main reason for this is lack of exposure. Coaches can’t recruit athletes unless they know about them. Most high schools are playing basketball while College coaches are immersed in their own season, which limits their time to scout prospects (particularly for smaller Colleges/Universities with limited resources). Over many years, I've developed relationships with key contacts that rely on my eye for talent and potential to inform the decisions they make in building their teams.

Choosing a school is a big decision that should be made with due care to match your academic goals and athletic aspirations. As you consider your options, we'll work together to explore your academic interests and compare what is offered and available at different institutions. HoopRecruits Services can assist, as needed, to coordinate campus visits, advisory meetings, and conversations with current and former players. A prospective school’s basketball program will play a significant role in your decision but may not be the prevailing factor.


mentorship program

HoopRecruits Services can guide you every step of the way in your college and prep school pursuits, providing advisory services  on team selection, event participation, trainer selection and much more. Customized individual and monthly packages can be suited to meet your needs and goals.



Let's work together to optimize your game. HRS' personalized assessment is paired with one-on-one training in the mechanics of shooting the ball - key to discovering your PERFECT shot.




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